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Evidence is growing that taxpayer-supported economic development programs do little to increase or maintain jobs, or bring economic growth to an area. Instead, such programs appear to be nothing more than a way to channel millions of dollars of public money to favored businesses, individuals and politicians.

The following links are to stories and opinions  regarding economic development. This list will grow, so check back from time to time for the latest updates.

20-Year Veteran of the Harrison County Development Commission Resigns - Sun Herald

Northrop Grumman Job Cuts Were No Surprise - Sun Herald

Governor Tries Selling Momentum Mississippi in the Far East - The Clarion Ledger

CAFTA Passage Has Mississippi Port Directors Pumped Up - The Mississippi Press

Northrop's Profit Jumps 23 Percent - Sun Herald

DuPont Releases Economic Impact Figures for the Coast - Sun Herald

Who Really Benefits in the Economic Subsidy Game - SPTimes.com

What is Momentum Mississippi? - The Clarion Ledger

North Carolina Institute for Constitutional Law web site

Tax Subsidies to Business and Industry Challenged in Court - ReutersUK.com

Northrop Grumman Says They Need State Assistance To Continue Expansion - Clarion Ledger

State Pays Off Beef Plant Debt to the Tune of $34-Million - The Clarion Ledger

Governor Calls for Another Special Session, Momentum Mississippi Returns - Clarion Ledger
Economic Development Incentives - The Proper Perspective - FacilityCity.com
Momentum Mississippi - Executive Summary
Don't Cry for Momentum Mississippi - By William F. Shughart II-Clarion Ledger Guest Opinion
Mississippi's incentives amount to "stupidity"- MaineToday.com
Theory vs. Reality: The Free Trade Debate - Column by Senator Trent Lott
Free Trade Pact a Danger to U.S. Sovereignty -WorldNetDaily.com
Incentives: Good or Bad Business - Risky Business - SPTimes.com
State Taxpayers to Pay for Closed Beef Plant, State Gives Up on Sale - The Clarion Ledger
Mississippi Government in Financial Mess - The Sun Herald
State Lawmakers Stingier with Gifts, But How Long?-The Sun Herald
Economic Development Incentives - The Proper Perspective - FacilityCity.com
Harrison County Supervisors Approve Discounted Land Sale to Laundry, With Stipulations-Sun Herald
House Lawmakers Vote to Exempt DeSoto Commission from Open Meetings Law - The Clarion LedgerState's $165-Million Economic Development Bond Bill Dies, For Now - The Clarion Ledger 3/29/05
D'Iberville Becoming a Retail Hub, But there are Concerns - The Sun Herald
Northrop Grumman Raises Profit Outlook - The Sun Herald
Lawmakers Put Mississippi's Credit Rating at Risk - WLOX.com
Ingalls Anchors Jackson County's Development Efforts,
Mississippi Professor Says Tax Incentives to Lure Businesses Stupid - MaineToday.com
Costs to Taxpayers Continues to Rise at Defunct State-Supported Beef Plant - The Clarion Ledger 3/21/05
Don't Cry for Momentum Mississippi - Clarion Ledger Guest Opinion
GCN Guest Opinion - Mississippi State Ethics Commission Opposes Openness and Accountability in Government Entities - By Royce Hignight - Special to GCN
GCN Guest Opinion -No Oversight of Economic Development Incentives - State Auditors Office Failed to Adequately Monitor Program-
By Royce Hignight
GCN Guest Opinion - Economic Development  Incentives-Do They Work? - by Royce Hignight
Newspaper Reporter Describes Passing a Business Incentives Bill a Patriotic Act - The Sun Herald

Never Say Die, Governor Seeks to Revive Business Incentives Bill - The Clarion Ledger

Louisiana's Economic Development to Look for New Incentives, Consultants Hired - The Advocate
Governor's Business Incentive Bill Dies - The Clarion Ledger
House Lawmakers Approve Incentive Plan for Columbus Steel Mill - The Sun Herald
State Set to Change How it Provides Incentives to Businesses - The Sun Herald
More Speculation on Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding - The Sun Herald
Bill to Authorize $56-Million in State Bond Money for Northrop Grumman Filed - WLOX.com
Economic Development Programs Rarely Have Lasting Benefit - The Sun Herald 1/2/05
GCN Readers Say Taxpayers Are Being Shortchanged Over  Economic Development Programs - From GulfCoastNews.com Message Board  1/7/05
Plan to Develop East Bank of Shipyard by Northrop-Grumman Only in Planning Stage - The Sun Herald
Pascagoula Officials Bullish on Developing Shipyard - The Mississippi Press
Taxpayers Bill for Beef Plant Loan Piling Up - The Clarion Ledger
State Lawmakers Seek to Lure Steel Mill with $100-Million Incentive-Clarion Ledger
Navy Plans to Buy Fewer Ships - Washington Post - 9/ 7/04
Governor Gives $40-million to Northrup-Grumman - 12/8/04

Controversies Over Beef Plant Has Lawmakers Considering Changes in State Loans-Clarion Ledger
Bank Set to Foreclose on State-Supported Beef Processing Plant - The Clarion Ledger 1/15/05
Bill Seeks $10-Million for Bankrupt Beef Processing Plant - The Clarion Ledger
State-Supported Beef Plant was Risky Investment, Memo Warned - The Clarion Ledger
State Auditor to Seek Records in Beef Plant Debacle - The Clarion Ledger 1/13/05
Supervisors and HCDC Hope Laundry Company Delivers - The Sun Herald   1/11/05
Architects Vying to Design New Convention Center at Coliseum - The Sun Herald 1/8/05
Spoiled Plan at State Supported Beef Plant Bad Policy, Inexcusable - The Clarion Ledger   1/10/05
Shipyard Plans to Lay Off 120 Workers Within Two Weeks - The Sun Herald  1/7/05
Taxpayer-Supported Beef Plant Faces Foreclosure - The Clarion Ledger  1/7/05
Panel Recommends More Changes For the State's Economic Development Program - Clarion Ledger 1/7/05
Defense Trims Navy Funding for Destroyers - The Sun Herald  1/4/05
Employment Cutbacks Likely at Mississippi and Louisiana Shipyards - The Times Picayune 1/6/05
State Taxpayers Footing  Ever Increasing Bill for Beef Plant - The Clarion Ledger 1/6/05
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