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Here you will find archived links to stories and information about the growing controversy over oil and natural gas drilling in the Mississippi Sound near the barrier islands. This archive is not comprehensive, but can serve as reference for readers seeking more information on this important subject.

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12-Mile South Coalition
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News Stories

Jackson County Supervisors Want More Information on Drilling in Sound - The Mississippi Press

Coastal Residents Speak Out at Rally - The Mississippi Press

Some Politicians Blasted at Anti-Drilling Rally - Sun Herald  7/22/05

Anti-Drilling Rally Draws Nearly 2,000 Coast Residents - GCN

Governor Offers an Olive Branch to Opponents to Offshore Drilling - Sun Herald

Lott at Odds with Anti-Drilling Coalition, Says He Will Protect Barrier Islands - Sun Herald

Offshore Drilling Opponents Respond to Lott's Comments - Sun Herald

DMR Will Not Allow Oil Exploration Damages to Barrier Islands, Officials Say - Mississippi Press

Lott Says He Will Make Sure Barrier Islands will be Protected from Drilling - The Mississippi Press

Citizen's Group Wants Pascagoula to Pass Resolution Opposing Oil and Gas Drilling - Mississippi Press

Seismic Testing Near State Waters Near Horn Island Angers Oil and Gas Drilling Opponents- Sun Herald

Foes of Offshore Drilling to Hold Forum for Lawmakers in August - The Clarion Ledger 7/21/05

Federal Government Sells Oil Drilling Leases 3 Miles from Horn Island - Sun Herald

State Leadership and Governor Failing to Lead on Oil and Gas Issue - Sun Herald

Oil Lobby Condemns Sierra Club Ad in Newspaper Over Oil Drilling Near State - The Mississippi Press

Let Voters Decide on Coastal Drilling - The Clarion Ledger - Perry Hicks

Chemical Spill Investigation Continues in Jackson County's Now Lifeless Bang Lake - Sun Herald     NOAA Photo Showing Bangs Lake (Ed,)

Sierra Club Steps Up Attack on Governor Over Drilling Near Barrier Islands - The Mississippi Press

Sen. Lott Says Drilling Issue has not been Handled Well - The Mississippi Press

MDA Plan Threatens Environment, Economy - Clarion Ledger/Reilly Morse

Miss. Coast Group Wants Ban on Barrier Drilling Added to Special Session - TuscaloosaNews.com

Coalition Forms to Fight Barrier Island Oil and Gas Drilling - The Mississippi Press

Drilling Issue Demands Less, Not More Secrecy - Mississippi Press Guest Opinion

The World is Watching, Mississippi Bungles Offshore Oil Drilling - Mississippi Press: Opinion

MDA Still Plans to Drill in Sound, but is Concerned Over Coast's Outrage - Sun Herald

Barrier Island Oil and Gas Drilling Draws International Attention - Stealth Drilling in U.S. Park -Guardian U.K.

Oil and Gas Exploration Likely for Barrier Island's Wilderness Park - LATimes.com     Related

Harrison County Board of Supervisors Oppose Drilling Near Barrier Islands-Sun Herald

Mississippi Officials Ready to Tap National Seashore

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