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The Green Gun Reloaded

Under The Guise Of Environmentalism, Obama Is Working To Remove The Words “Hope” And “Dream” From The American Lexicon. In His Universe, There Is No Place For Prosperity.

Part 5 of 8 (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4)

By Perry Hicks- Special to GulfCoastNews.com     Special to GCN 4/6/10

For a society to enjoy a high standard of living, the speed of commerce must be rapid. Something of value must also be produced. A nation cannot “service” its way to prosperity.

These truths may be seen in how the average person's economic well-being has been historically tied to not just the rise of manufacturing, but also the arrival of the steam locomotive and then later the automobile, airplane and finally the internet.

Regardless of this reality, and in contravention with his own claimed work to create new jobs, President Barrack Hussein Obama, the first president born and raised outside of the continental United States, has announced the carbon dioxide Cap & Trade will be enforced by the Environmental Protection Agency. The president simply cannot find enough support for it even in a Democrat dominated congress.

The purpose of Cap & Trade is supposedly to cut greenhouse gas emissions in order to control global warming. Because controlling one of those gases, CO 2, has been demonstrated to lack any imperative, the true goal of this policy must be to bring all human activity under control of the Federal Government. Everything. And that control will negatively impact the American economy.

This economic impact is why countries like China and India have rejected international attempts for them to adopt similar carbon emission limiting schemes. Doing so would simply stop their economic growth.

Still, President Obama is directing the Environmental Protection Agency to pursue carbon controls and the first step in this freedom and wealth taking process is mandating new automotive fuel economy standards by 2016.

Global Warming Hoax

Environmentalists base much of their demands for austerity on what they call the Precautionary Principle; the ecological situation being so dire that the world can't afford to find out if they are wrong.

Unfortunately for them, the world did find out that not only are they wrong, it has been learned that a cabal of “credible environmentalists” attempted to conceal the truth from the public and silence skeptics who wished to express a contrary view.

Emails hacked from the United Kingdom's East Anglia University were brought to light back in November 2009. These emails principally involve Phil Jones, head of the university's Climate Research Unit, Michael E. Mann of Pennsylvania University (who was one of the architects of the famous earth temperature “hockey stick” graph,) Tim Osborn, climate modeler, and Mike Hume, director of the Tyndall Center for Climate Change Research.

Correspondence between these individuals revealed that they knew there is no conclusive data pointing to man made global warming and that they feared that this reality would be exposed. Accordingly, some of these individuals conspired to discredit skeptics and prevent their scientific papers from being published, much less favorably reviewed.

Other revelations from other sources have revealed that scientific data hyped to demonstrate evidence of global warming were also baseless: claims of Himalayan glacier melting was sourced only anecdotally and claims that polar bears are disappearing are actually false.

Indeed, if we follow the trail of dire proclamations, we find that the environmental socialists have been wrong or duplicitous every step of the way.

Regardless, Obama and his cadre of Marxist-Leninists continue to use these discredited predictions to allow the Federal Government to meddle in our everyday lives.

Where There Is Fire...

The new Federally mandated average economy for new vehicles sold by 2016 is 35 mpg. While on face value few would argue with getting greater efficiency from the family sedan, such an increase will come at a cost. The level of technology required to attain this goal, while still meeting other emission requirements, will be considerably more expensive to both build and maintain.

While Obama's order will not quite literally translate to 35 mpg for everything sold, the chemical laws of combustion will require new vehicle choices to be limited to smaller, slower, and more expensive ones at a time when fewer people will have the disposable income to afford it.

As gasoline combustion efficiency increases, tailpipe emissions of carbon dioxide (CO 2) and water vapor increase correspondingly. At one time, engine exhaust comprised of nothing but CO 2 and water would have been said to have zero pollution. But that is no more.

That is the irony of emission controls: As toxic hydrocarbon and visible smog producing oxides of nitrogen decrease, combustion chemistry elevates the level of the so-called greenhouse gas CO 2. Thus, in environmentalist eyes there can be no “good” internal combustion engines.

Because combustion chemistry and mechanical technology currently pegs maximum conventional spark ignition engine efficiency to just a shade over 20%- with an attendant high level of CO 2- reducing greenhouse gas emissions must now mean reducing fuel consumption.

There are five principle ways to achieve lower vehicle fuel consumption:

  • Reduce the weight and body cross section of the vehicle so it takes less energy to roll and its aerodynamics allow it to slip through the air more easily.

  • Advanced engine designs that run with low pumping losses; i.e. remove the throttle plate and control engine speed through direct gasoline injection.

  • Lower vehicle performance so less fuel will be consumed.

  • Recover energy normally lost to heat during friction braking.

  • Remove the combustion process from the car altogether.

Smaller sized cars with smaller displacement engines producing less power is the low tech way to improve fuel mileage. Hybrid technology achieves economy by converting and storing forward motion energy into electricity and subsequently reusing that electricity to re-accelerate the car after a stop.

In particular, batteries are criticized for their toxic disposal hazard to the environment.

Removing the engine altogether and propelling the vehicle only by battery powered electric propulsion actually doesn't eliminate real fuel consumption. It merely shifts the energy consumption to either alternative means, such as hydroelectric, wind, solar, or geothermal processes, or the much higher efficiency afforded by large fixed station coal, natural gas, or even nuclear power plants.

Note that alternative fuels are not listed among these methods to lower fuel consumption. That is because both hydrogen and alcohol require more energy to produce than the final fuel product is able to contain. This lower energy density also means less operating range between “fill ups.”

In particular, hydrogen is more of an energy transfer medium than an actual fuel. Alcohols are close behind requiring time and energy to rapidly ferment crops- themselves grown via the benefit of chemical fertilizers/ pesticides and cultivation by diesel tractors.

Wind, solar, and wave energy capturing systems have their own attendant issues that environmentalists have at times opposed themselves, such as view spoiling or harm to birds.

The truth is that all of these alternative schemes are themselves environmentally compromised in one regard or another.

Environmentalism- The Perfect Vehicle For The Cloward-Piven Strategy

In brief, the Cloward-Piven Strategy breaks down society by creating an endless stream of manufactured crisis that force targeted institutions into the impossible position of having to satisfy diametrically opposed demands. Automobiles are the perfect application.

  • Cars must be safe and safety ultimately boils down to mass- large, heavier vehicles are inherently safer because they have more mass to absorb collision energy.

  • But cars are also required to be fuel efficient which ultimately boils down to less mass as less fuel is required to move smaller amounts of weight.

  • But cars are also required to have low toxic emissions which means combustion controls that increase combustion efficiency which means higher tailpipe CO 2 and water vapor emissions.

  • But higher CO 2 levels mean greater greenhouse gas emissions that are stated to be at such crisis levels now that the entire planet will burn up in just a few years.

  • But lowering CO 2 levels would mean either reducing the size of the car or powering it with non-carbon containing alternative fuel.

  • But isolated hydrogen doesn't exist in nature so it must be separated from other elements, such as oxygen (as in water) and that requires the use of energy that in viable mass hydrogen producing terms would mean deploying fossil fuels or nuclear power. Wind, solar, and wave power doesn't exist in practical terms to power even a portion of America's vehicles.

If one attempts to go to the subject of alternative materials to make automobiles both light and strong, we return to the subject of crude oil for plastics, energy to mine raw materials from the earth, and energy expenditures for transportation, processing, and manufacturing. The subject of mining itself generates much controversy.

Incidentally, the environmental friendliness of the manufacturing process is only occasionally mentioned in assessing a vehicle's ecological attributes.

In the end, the only ecologically acceptable alternative is to deny citizens the right to own and operate cars and light trucks.

Democrats- The Party of Denial; The Party That Takes Things Away

The irony in all this effort to impose high fuel efficiency outside of free market forces, is that ultimately, the environment that activists claim to protect will actually be harmed.

Depending on how “clean” is defined, a nation's citizens must be sufficiently prosperous to be able to afford environmental controls. Poor industrialized nations, such as India and China, are arguably some of the environmentally dirtiest nations on earth. Economic desperation in these countries dictate an expediency that directly contributes to toxic pollution. Hence, destroying wealth could be said to create pollution.

Sadly, President Obama and his fellow congressional Democrats seek to do just that; destroy as much wealth as possible. All of their announced policies say as much.

Moving Production Offshore

The notion that Americans will soon enjoy a bounty of “green jobs” is sheer fantasy. Economic laws are just as immutable as physical ones. Deny the accelerative force of gravity by jumping off a tall building and you will die. Deny the free market forces (likened to an “invisible hand” by 18th Century economist Adam Smith) and you will be poor.

This is exactly what Obama and his administration have been doing; forcing the country in the opposite direction of where prudent economic and monetary policy should be going.

In keeping with the automotive topic, consider how environmental socialism has ravaged Michigan.

General Motors, Chrysler, and Ford shifted their production to light trucks and SUVs because it was precisely these vehicles they could still be competitive compared to the Asian manufacturers. Owing to environmental and safety regulations and the inherently high cost of union labor, the cost of domestic production was too high to make small and therefore less expensive vehicle production profitable.

Because light trucks and SUVs have been something the domestic brands have been able to do well and so make money at it, socialists wanting to bankrupt domestic auto companies brought forces to bear against these products. Their first efforts were to make owning SUVs socially unacceptable.

Beyond decrying their sheer size and fuel consumption, environmental terrorists committed arson and other vandalism to SUVs both privately owned and sitting on dealer lots. This was done so that the public would not feel safe owning them.

Eco-terrorism was accompanied by denying America the ability to drill for domestic oil thus making the fuel to operate SUVs prohibitively expensive. The Federal Government has hampered American companies to drill off shore even as foreign nations far removed from this hemisphere endeavor to drill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Having achieved the goal of reducing the sales of SUVs, Obama is now denying the domestic manufacturers the ability to even sell them. Accordingly, the environmental socialist handiwork has brought Detroit to its knees. If it hadn't been for the Government takeover of General Motors, that corporation would have entered bankruptcy and may very well have ceased to exist altogether.

It is not clear at this time how Chrysler will fare under Italian ownership. 2009 saw the worse Chrysler sales in 47 years selling a mere 931,000 vehicles. Chrysler production was curtailed for much of the time after its bankruptcy, resuming on a limited basis only in mid-June of 2009. Plants were idled again in December. With trucks being spun off as a stand alone Ram brand, back room whisperings continue that the Dodge nameplate will one day follow Plymouth, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, and Saturn into automotive oblivion.

Only Ford remains relatively intact, although it has shed itself of Jaguar, Rover, and Volvo just to stay alive.

Under the new Environmental Protection Agency regulation of CO 2, the domestic auto manufacturers will have to create a new line of products with development costs estimated to be approximately $2 billion each. With realized corporate profits small or even non-existent, can financing be found to ready these new products? If financing can be found, what will that investment money cost?

And if they are able to create new models that can be competitive with the Asians, they may well have to move still more production outside the United States- or a leveling effect will have to take place that will force the non-unionized foreign manufacturers to accept collective bargaining.

One such leveler is called the “Check Card” and it will enable forced unionization through open worker intimidation.

Welcome to a socialized America where the only thing you will find more of is having to do with less.

Next: Part 6, The Re-wilding of America and the United Nations Agenda 21.

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Perry Hicks is the senior writer and Washington correspondent for GCN. He is a former Mississippi Coast resident and was a correspondent for the old Gulfport Star Journal. He has appeared on Fox News Channel. Perry has also hosted his own radio talk show on the auto industry with a mix of politics. Perry is a frequent contributor to GCN writing on stories of national importance with local interests. His articles can be found in the GCN Archive.

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