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The Long March

Obama’s Victories Has Come As Surprise To Even the Most Ardent Political Observers.  However, He Didn’t Just Happen. He Was Made Over A Span of 44 Years. 

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By Perry Hicks-Special to GulfCoastNews.com   Filed 5/3/09  GCN

The depth and strength of a human character are defined by its moral reserves. - Leon Trotsky

At the time of Barack Obama’s birth in 1961, America’s tramp, tramp, tramp toward socialism was stalling.  From the intervening fifteen year interval, the Cold War had kept the communist’s aspirations frozen.  What the Left needed to reanimate themselves was an issue that would capture America’s imagination; something that would give them a moral imperative.  Fortunately for them, the 1960s gave them not just one, but two.

Although it may not have seemed like it at the time, the first saving issue was Civil Rights; then a boiling cauldron of passions whose time had finally come.  The second was the Vietnam War.

Most Americans did not share the Left’s rage and fear that communism would actually be defeated- in truth the general public never understood the war.  Nor was it conscription because the draft had been in effect since the beginning of the Cold War.

What turned the public’s opinion was the greatly increased number of young men whose lives were disrupted.  The real offense was that the size of the draft included the elites who would have otherwise spent their early twenties in the Ivy League halls of Harvard, Princeton, and other great Northern Universities.

The result was that over a period of approximately ten years- the same span of time it took to put a man on the moon- the United States underwent a transformation of massive social, political, and even religious significance.

Particularly with young people, Americans underwent a complete change in how they felt about themselves and their country.  It also gave the Left their first victory; America’s self imposed defeat in Vietnam.

It also set back into motion the machinery of socialist expansion and the multiplication of left wing causes that have at this juncture, come to critical mass.

The principles and aims of these socialist agitators and provocateurs have not changed over time- only their methodology.  To a surprising degree, their intermediate goals have largely been achieved and their ultimate dream is almost within their grasp: Transforming the United States into a socialist state with the ultimate objective being a conversion to Marxist communism.

However, the heritage of liberty was seen to be too strong amongst the ordinary Americans and so to accomplish their final objective, the population of the United States would have to be irrevocably altered.

·        Americans would either have to be estranged from their own traditions of self sufficiency and independence, or replaced by others who were unburdened by such notions of liberty.

·        The general population would have to be made dissatisfied with their current situation, not likely in a free and prosperous country.  Thus, poverty would have to be artificially imposed in a climate of confusion and high anxiety.

·        The public's intestinal fortitude to withstand and work through difficulties, such as those experienced during the great Depression and the Second World War, would also have to be undermined.

·        Faith and hope would have to become alien sentiments to the suffering masses and morality with its attendant self control would have to be swept out of American life like so much refuse: Good would have to be spoken of as if it were evil.

·        Even with all the above achieved there would still be considerable resistance to the final conversion. Therefore, the sovereignty of not just the individual citizen, but the United States as a nation would have to be subdued and made subordinate to a higher global authority: The New World Order.

Pursuant to these goals, forty-five intermediary communist objectives were formulated.  They were revealed to the public on January 10th, 1963 when they were read into the Congressional Register by Florida Representative A.S. Herlong.

The source of the list came from a book, The Naked Communist, (Ensign Publishing 1958,) written by Cleon Skousan.  Over the intervening forty-six years, these intermediary objectives have largely been realized.  (See Sidebar, Communist Goals & Current Status)

Accordingly, ordinary Americans have become disillusioned with their fellow countrymen, lost a surprising number of supposedly constitutionally guaranteed rights, lost nearly three quarters of their domestic industry, amassed as a nation insurmountable debt to hostile foreign powers, and are threatened by One World Government, vis-à-vis the United Nations and the World Court.

In order to push America over the political tipping point, all that is needed is a methodology capable of altering the balance of political power.

The Left has not only perfected that method, has deployed it against America since formulating it in 1966.

Behold the Trojan Horse

You may not be interested in strategy, but strategy is interested in you. - Leon Trotsky

The methodology that appeared has long been underestimated by the Right and in most cases largely unknown by the general population.  It was originally called the Trojan Horse Strategy but was changed to honor the two Columbia University professors who created it, Richard Cloward and Frances Piven.

The Cloward-Piven Strategy was essentially taken from the period’s most successful community organizer, Saul Alinsky.

Alinsky advocated coercing change by forcing organizations to live up to their own, and quite often, inconvenient rules.

Cloward-Piven is essentially a strategic expansion of Alinsky’s method.  The tactic is to break down institutions through orchestrated crisis facilitated by intentionally over-burdening the targeted institution with too many conflicting demands.

Expanded to encompass the whole of the United States, the breakdown of the general system would engender such massive public frustration that people would demand change.

Like magic, the proscribed remedy for this intentionally contrived meltdown would be socialism.  The agents of change would be the very provocateurs that had engineered the crisis to begin with.

Cloward and Piven proved the efficacy of their plan by recruiting a black Columbia chemistry professor, Dr. George Wiley, to deploy it against the New York City welfare system in 1967.  By 1975, New York City was bankrupt.  Wiley had expanded the welfare rolls to the point that one out of three New York City residents was on welfare.

As David Horowitz points out on his website, www.discoverthenetworks.org , the reason this strategy is referred to as a “Trojan Horse” is because the end objective is not to actually help people, but accelerate the breakdown of the offending system.  Hence, when Left wing activists announce that they are working for “the people,” they are actually working for their own revolutionary purposes.

The Cloward-Piven Strategy resonated with anti-establishment activists.  It enabled the growing number of socialist movements to not just multiply, but virtually metastasize.  Accordingly, the Cloward-Piven Strategy went into universal service manipulating Americans into reacting to a cornucopia of artificially created crises- all to their own detriment.

Creating a Communist President

The end may justify the means as long as there is something that justifies the end. - Leon Trotsky

This was the anti-establishment culture into which young Barack Obama was inculcated.  While the old line communists soldiered on, forming groups and parties, assembling agendas, and formulating new strategies, Obama was growing up and coming to manhood out in the Pacific.

Obama's whole childhood development was out of the norm: Formative years in Indonesia; stepfather with familial ties to his county's communists; suffering abandonment before undergoing further upbringing in an environment hostile to mainland U.S.A. (See companion article, A Preponderance of Evidence.)

There can be little doubt that Obama’s outside-the- mainstream-perception of the world was further shaped by his grandfather’s friend, black radical, and Communist Party USA member, Frank Marshall Davis.

Obama then went off to college, not at the local University of Hawaii, but a small mainland liberal arts college which had taken a minor role in anti-Vietnam War protesting: Occidental College in Los Angeles, California.   

Obama’s own admission is that out of concern for his reputation, he sought out socialist professors and was politically active enough to speak at a campus protest.

Interestingly enough, Tom Hayden, Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) founder, communist, and ex-husband of movie actress “Hanoi Jane” Fonda, may have given us some special insight into Obama’s Occidental days.

In an article comparing Barack Obama to Bobby Kennedy, Hayden identified Obama’s protest speech as having been delivered at an anti-apartheid “rally,” sponsored by the Students for Economic Democracy (SED), a branch of the Campaign for Economic Democracy (CED), which Hayden himself admits he had then chaired.

This coincidence could be accepted as just that except that throughout Obama’s life there has been far too many of them.  Hayden claims to “not have seen Obama coming” but it may have just been that he forgot about him.  Considering the Left’s propensity toward micromanagement, it is implausible for Hayden to not have known who would be speaking for his organization at a highly visible protest.  After all, Hayden can remember the precise protest and specifically on whose behalf Obama had spoken.

Barack Obama did not take a bachelor’s degree from Occidental.  After two years he “takes advantage,” as he phrases it, of a transfer program to Columbia University in New York City. 

Curiously, three major news organizations (FOX News Channel, Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times) have sought in vain to find a student who could remember Obama during his Columbia years.  Still, the invisible Obama was able to finish his bachelor degree by 1983.

In Dreams from My Father, Obama states that he attended socialist conferences at the Cooper Union.  Those conferences would specifically have been the annual Socialist Scholarship Conferences attended by the country’s leading communist luminaries.

Obama also recounts having pursued organizing work there in New York prior to his first real organizing job in Chicago.

In his autobiography, Dreams from My Father, Obama speaks of having a Pakistani roommate in New York whose visa had expired and so was working for low wages in the illegal immigrant underground economy.  Obama also wrote of having befriended a Pakistani back at Occidental.  What Obama did not reveal then was a trip to Pakistan he had made sometime in 1981.

This revelation came only later in a speech Obama gave at a San Francisco fund raiser, April 6th, 2008, and was subsequently confirmed to the New York Times by his campaign staff.  The New York Times reported that Obama stayed three weeks in Pakistan with the family of a college friend.  The stop came as an addition to a visit he had made to his own family in Indonesia.

What the NYT story doesn’t venture to ask was how he could have visited Pakistan when tensions remained sufficiently high in 1981 that Americans were denied entry.  NYT also did not ask how Obama could have found the funds to attend both college and take a very long and expensive trip.

Indeed, until recently, it has not been understood how Obama financed any of his college education.  Obama’s campaign claimed that he had done it through student loans and a lot of hard work.  In another report, the Obamas claimed that they had just paid off their student loans- a claim unsupported by the joint income tax filing him and wife Michelle made all the way back to year 2000.

According to a 2007 Los Angeles Times article, Obama played basketball for Occidental College and helped take his team to an undefeated season.  A sports scholarship could well have been part of his tuition financing package.  However, the means by which he went on to Columbia remains a mystery, as should Harvard Law School.

A clue to the truth, however, may have been provided by a Manhattan borough politician, Percy Sutton.

During a New York cable TV interview Sutton gave praising Obama, Sutton claimed that a friend had asked him to write a letter of recommendation for Obama to contacts he had at Harvard University.  The request was from a friend who Sutton says in the interview was also an “advisor to one of the world’s richest men.”

Sutton also said his friend was raising funds for Obama and since Obama was not yet seeking any public office, the purpose of the funds had to be to finance Obama’s education.  Accordingly, the year had to be 1986 or 1987, as Obama entered Harvard University School of Law in 1988.

While there has been some confusion over the identity of Sutton’s friend, named in the interview as Kalid Al-Mansour, the likely candidate is Khalid Tariq al-Mansour, known to be well connected with Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal.  This Al-Mansour has launched several banks in Africa, is a principle in a powerful international law firm, and has authored numerous books regarding Islam and Israel.

Before Al-Mansour converted to Islam, he is reported to have been named Don Warden, a lawyer who advised Huey Newton and Bobby Seale during the formation of the Black Panther Party.

Also interesting is how the Obama Campaign sought to discredit the story.  The campaign is reported to have claimed that the assertion by Sutton was “bogus” and had been retracted by a spokesman for the Sutton family.

However, the Sutton family has denied any knowledge of the named “family spokesman” and went on to defend Sutton’s comments as absolutely true.

The import of Sutton’s revelation has been made apparent with Obama’s recent bow before Saudi King Abdullah.  Obama is the only president in U.S. history to have ever made such a gesture toward any monarch.  As we will see later, financing his legal education may not have been the only assistance to Obama the Saudis have rendered.

Obama’s Choice of Colleges

Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas. – Joseph Stalin

Obama’s choice of institutions of higher learning is also suggestive of him being “networked in” to people of great socialist importance.

Seeking both a black identity and racial acceptance, as his autobiography, Dreams from My Father has so strongly asserted, one might ask, why didn’t he elect to attend a traditionally black school such as Howard University in Washington, D.C.?  During his time at Occidental, the black and Hispanic student population there was barely over ten percent.

While Occidental did place him within reach of the depressed black neighborhoods of Watts and Compton and so gave him the black experience he so desired, it also gave him exposure to the great wealth of white California liberals residing in nearby Hollywood

Obama discontinued the name “Barry” while at Occidental.  Having somehow become sufficiently radicalized while attending school there, he assumed his and his African father’s first name, “Barack.”

While the LA Times article pushes the idea that Obama’s reason for transferring to Columbia was one of desiring a bigger college experience, Dreams made two points that are probably closer to the truth.

First, Obama claims to have felt “alienated” at the predominantly white school.  Second, he longed for “a community that cut deeper than the common despair that black friends and I shared… A place where I could put down stakes and test my commitments.”  

Columbia would situate him near both radical influence and big liberal money. It also positioned him to be close to East Coast political power.  Not coincidently, both Los Angeles and New York City are global media centers.

Columbia may have also placed him near former Weather Underground bomber, William Ayers.

Ayers graduated from nearby Bank Street College in 1984 and Columbia University in 1987.  Ayers would also have certainly attended the Socialist Scholarship Conference at the Cooper Union, thus placing both he and Barack in an even more probable circumstance to have met each other.

Tom Hayden’s stature amongst the Left is such that Hayden himself could have arranged introductions and given recommendations to like-minded radicals at Columbia.  While Hayden didn’t attend Columbia, he did protest there and was honored for it by the University itself.

Radicalism a Career Choice

Ideas that enter the mind under fire remain there securely and for ever. - Leon Trotsky

As stated earlier, much conjecture has been made about the extent of communist Frank Marshall Davis’s influence on young Obama.  However, conspiracy theories are usually too neat and orderly for them to be true.  Life is too messy a business to generally allow such perfection.

On the other extreme, one could say Obama was merely an opportunist who took advantage of the situations fortune had set before him.  While this might be attractive to some- particularly his apologists- there is ample evidence that this was also not quite the case.

The truth appears to be somewhere in between.  From what independent evidence we have and Obama’s own testimony vis-à-vis his book, Dreams from My Father, we can see that Obama never intended to seek out a conventional business career.  Even though what he would want to think of as his course studies followed along conventional lines, each step Obama took on his way through adult life was toward the radical.

Starting as far back as his prep school days at Punahou, Obama’s thoughts turned toward wealth and class struggle.

Obama only worked for a short time in corporate business after he graduated from Columbia.  Either he was dissatisfied with the work or, more likely, had attended to his immediate financial needs, he sought out employment as a community organizer.

The Network

Insurrection is an art, and like all arts has its own laws. - Leon Trotsky

One has to understand that regardless of their claims, communists do not favor equality.  Their own pronouncements speak of “class struggle.”  As a student at Punahou, Obama was concerned with the injustice of him not having the same financial privilege as his fellow classmates.

But rather than end class distinction as they like to profess, Marxists actually work to exalt one class, the proletariat (worker class) over the peasants (agricultural workers,) and the bourgeoisie (middle class.)  The rich, of course, are put in an especially despised category all by themselves.

It should go without saying that communists do not approve of prosperity; that would promote the middle class values that are anathema to the loss of all private property.

Communists are all about exalting labor- as in factory labor- so an industrial city such as Chicago would be a natural place for communists to organize a party in 1919.  It was in this city that one of the first “community organizers,” Saul Alinsky, began his work.  It was also the city that the Ayers family of Weather Underground fame was based.

Thomas Ayers, father to terrorist bomber William (Bill) Ayers and brother John, was a wealthy liberal corporate businessman.  Thomas had once been the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors for Commonwealth Edison and sat on the boards of several other corporations.  However, it is his other work that is germane to son Bill, and through him Barack Obama.

Thomas Ayers also served as the chairman of the board of trustees for:

  • Northwestern University- thought by some the connection that gave son Bill Ayers’ wife, Bernadine Dohrn, a professorship.
  • Erikson Institute- Founded in 1966 to train teachers in preparation for the Federal Early Start program.  Today the Institute is a graduate school in education.
  • Bank Street College of Education in New York City- promotes “progressive education” in its training of teachers.
  • Chicago Community Trust- one of the oldest in America, CCT provides funding for community organizing among other things.
  • Chicago Urban League- Founded in 1916, the League’s original mission was to assist southern Negroes with their settlement in Chicago.  Today functions as an affiliate of the national Urban League and is an umbrella organization advocating and funding a variety of community-based initiatives.
  • Community Renewal Society- Founded in 1882, the CRS is a faith-based organization dedicated to “eliminating race and class barrier.”
  • Chicago United- advocate for racial diversity in business.
  • The Leadership Council for Metropolitan Open Communities- Civil Rights advocacy group founded circa 1966.
  • Vice president of the Chicago Board of Education- Operates the city’s school system.

Bill Ayers founded the direct action Weather Underground, a violent off shoot from Tom Hayden’s Students for a Democratic Society.  Bill Ayers was educated at the University of Michigan as was Tom Hayden.  Bill is also alumni of Bank Street College and Columbia University.

Bill Ayers first teaching job was for a small, church basement enterprise, “The Community School” that used the “Summerhill Method,” also called “free school.”  It was at this job he met Diana Oughton who became his girlfriend and fellow Weatherman.

Oughton’s 1970 death occurred when a nail bomb she and two others were making exploded.  Oughton had taken her BA in education at Bryn Mawr College and was a graduate student at the University of Michigan. 

Bill Ayers’ next girl friend was also a fellow Weatherman, Bernardine Dohrn, who in advance of the infamous Chicago “Days of Rage,” traveled to Cuba to confer with North Vietnamese representatives about future anti-war protests.

Dohrn is a graduate of the University of Chicago (1963) and University of Chicago School of Law (1967.)  Dohrn is infamous for her approval of the Tate-LaBianca murders in which 8 ½ month pregnant Sharon Tate was killed and in a separate crime Leno La Bianca and his wife were stabbed to death.  Leno was found with a carving fork protruding from his abdomen.

Less publicized is the Weather Underground’s “Declaration of a State of War” on the United States Government.  Dohrn signed the document.  This in fact would, along with Dohrn’s cooperation with the North Vietnamese, legally make her a traitor.  Yet, like Jane Fonda, she has never been prosecuted for it.

Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn resided in the Chicago neighborhood of Logan Square while hiding from the police.  Neither were brought to trial because of prosecutorial misconduct.  Assured that they would not go to prison, Ayers and Dohrn came out of hiding and turned themselves into the police in 1980.  She married Bill Ayers in 1981.

By 1984, Dohrn was working for the Sidley Austin law firm where Obama and Michelle Robinson would later work.  Despite her Juris Doctor, Dohrn was neither a licensed lawyer nor had practical legal experience.  She was hired because the head of the law firm, Howard Trienens, was friends with Thomas Ayers.

This does not mean she was unskilled.  Although Dohrn had taken and passed the Illinois Bar exam, she was refused a law license because, according to Trienens, “She refused to say she was sorry.”

In a 2001 letter to the New York Times, Bill Ayers himself was unrepentant and wrote in regard to his violent anti-war activities, “We didn’t do enough…”

Bill Ayers did backpedal from his statement saying he didn’t mean they should have done more violence.  Also, back in 2001, Dohrn and Ayers are reported to have apologized to a Chicago City attorney injured during the Days of Rage.

However, Bill Ayers had always publicly defended his Weatherman actions.  He has denied having been a terrorist because, according to Ayers, terrorism is defined as being “random acts.”

Today, Ayers is a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago and wife Dohrn is a professor of law at Northwestern University.


If we had more time for discussion we should probably have made a great many more mistakes. – Leon Trotsky

Owing to his upbringing by his mother, grandparents in Hawaii; his Muslim stepfather in Indonesia, and the influences placed on him by Frank Marshall Davis; Barack Hussein Obama arrived in Los Angeles accepting far left-wing politics.  There at Occidental, his transformation was completed and he transferred to Columbia University fully embracing the politics of full blown communism.

Because of both the proximity of the Banks Street College to Columbia University, and Obama’s admitted attendance at socialist conferences at the Cooper Union, it is entirely in the realm of possibility that Williams Ayers and Barack Obama first met in New York.

Whether or not they did meet in the early 1980s, Obama and Ayer’s wife, Bernardine Dohrn certainly had to have met at the Sidley Austin law firm in Chicago, Illinois.  It was there that we know a wealthy Muslim businessman was working to not just raise money for Obama’s legal education, but also recruit influential friends to intercede on Obama’s behalf for his admission into Harvard University Law School.

Obama returned to Chicago from Harvard Law School, only to work for a short period of time at another law firm before winning a lecturer position in actually teaching law.

It was then that Obama was supremely well positioned, perhaps according to prior plan, to begin his maneuvering toward winning his first political office.

In Part 3 we trace Obama's ascent to political power and see by virtue of his first 100 days in the Oval Office, how he has virtually brought the communists to the end of their Long March.

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