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"Slippery Business" - HCDC Special Reports

Editor's Note: Sun Herald stories beyond April 2005 no longer will display.  GCN will keep the stories  listed as the date may help in searching library microfilm archives of the newspaper.

Slippery Business Part I - What's Going On With the Harrison County Development Commission - A GulfCoastNews.com Special Report -Filed 11/10/03

Slippery Business - Part II
Editorial Calls for "Bickering" to Stop in Harrison County Development Commission Controversy

Slippery Business III-Development Commission Submits Inaccurate Documents, Isolates Commissioner-GulfCoastNews.com 1/26/03

Slippery Business IV - Judge Rules HCDC Violated Open Records Laws - GulfCoastnews.com 2/11/04 Related Clarion Ledger Story related: Clarion Ledger Editorial Commends Harrison County Judge James Persons on HCDC Public Records Ruling-

Slippery Business V - HCDC Steps in it - Again - GCN Special Report 6/15/04

Slippery Business VI - An Agency in Crisis -Taxpayers Losing Out on Sales of HCDC Property - A GCN Special Report 8/9/04

Slippery Business VII - HCDC's Commerce Park, Economic Development for a Few - GulfCoastnews.com 9/28/04

Guest Opinion - Out of the Darkness - A Call for Accountability at the HCDC - by Reilly Morse

Guest Opinion - Letter to Harrison County Supervisors Regarding the HCDC - by Royce Hignight

Related GCN Guest Opinion - Mississippi's Open Wound - Archaic Government Must End for Coast and State to be Successful in Economic Development- Analysis and Opinion - by Royce Hignight Retired FBI

Guest Opinion -  Supervisors Need Public Support for Good Government - by Royce Hignight

GCN Editorial -Why the HCDC is Important - a GCN Editorial - 8/14/04

News - 20-Year Veteran of the Harrison County Development Commission Resigns - Sun Herald 8/16/05

News - HCDC Continues Appeal of Lawsuit Regardless of Supervisor's Concerns, Irks Citizen - GCN

News - Harrison County Supervisors Order Study to Determine Value of HCDC - WLOX.com

News - New HCDC Director Close to Being Hired - GulfCoastNews     8/3/05  Supervisors ask HCDC to Drop Appeal - Sun Herald - 8/7/05

News - HCDC to Contribute $500,000 to Hancock County's Stennis  Shared Services Center - Sun Herald - 6/29/05

News - HCDC Cannot Find a Director - WLOX.com - 6/15/05

News - HCDC's Top Choice for Director Withdraws Application - Sun Herald - 6/3/05

News - HCDC Selects New Director, Harrison County Supervisors Must Approve - Sun Herald - 6/1/05

News - HCDC Legal Fees Dropping, From $8,000 a Month to $3,500 a Month - The Sun Herald - 5/11/05

News - A Changing HCDC Says Industrial Park Business Owes Rent - The Sun Herald - 2/23/05

News - Newspaper Says HCDC and Supervisors Back on Track - The Sun Herald - 1/16/05

News - Changes at HCDC Bodes Well for Troubled Agency - The Sun Herald       Related

News - HCDC Tries to Make Up With Supervisors - The Sun Herald   12/22/04

News - HCDC Begins to Make Changes, Temporary Director to Stay Till February-The Sun Herald

News - HCDC May Discuss Ethics Ruling - The Sun Herald

News - HCDC President Says Agency is in Limbo, Conflicts  Keep Agency in Crisis - The Sun Herald

News - More Questionable Business Practices from the HCDC, Rent Free Leases - Supervisors Receive Proposal for Auditing the HCDC - The Sun Herald

News - HCDC's Newest Member Outlines Changes for the Trouble Agency - The Sun Herald  Related: Full Text of   Changes 

News - Ethics Commission Issues Decision on HCDC Land Sales Issue-The Sun Herald

News: Louisiana's Economic Development Secretary Michael Olivier, Formerly of Harrison County, Criticized for Cuba Trip - The Times Picayune   12/6/04

News: HCDC Critic Appointed to the Commission - GulfCoastNews.com   Related   11/22/04

News - Land Appraisals Ordered by County Supervisors Net Gain for HCDC - The Sun Herald  10/12/04  Related

News - Interim Director Named for HCDC, Another Employee Leaves - The Sun Herald

News - Supervisors Block HCDC from Selling Land Without an Appraisal - The Sun Herald 9/28/04

News - Harrison County Supervisor Cut HCDC Budget to Bare Bones - GulfCoastNews.com 9/23/04

News - HCDC's Finances to be Scrutinized, Supervisors Reject Three HCDC Actions - The Sun Herald 9/13/04

News - Additional Audits of the HCDC and Headhunter Contract Approved by Supervisors-Sun Herald  9/8/04

News - Pass Christian Man Turns Up Heat on HCDC - The Sun Herald

News - Harrison County Gets Approval to Conduct Special Audits of the HCDC - GulfCoastNews.com 9/2/04

News - Another Key HCDC Official Resigns from Troubled Agency - The Sun Herald  9/2/04

News - Supervisors Question HCDC Contract for Headhunter - The Sun Herald 8/24/04

News - Progress Only Viable Option for HCDC - The Sun Herald/Opinion 8/22/04

News - HCDC Chooses Tupelo Firm to Find New Director - The Sun Herald - 8/19/04

News - Industrial Park Blocked by Woman's Effort - The Sun Herald (HCDC related)

News - State Auditors Finish Probe of HCDC - The Sun Herald 8/13/04

News - State Buys Salesman's Line - The Times Picayune - HCDC Related   (May Require Free Registration)

News - Former HCDC Director Olivier Spared No Expense as Recruiter - The Times Picayune - 8/8/04

News - Hattiesburg's Economic Developer Resigns After Only 100 Days-Hattiesburg American - HCDC/Olivier Related (Ed.) 8/8/04

News - HCDC Resists County Demand to Turn Over Fund Surplus - The Sun Herald 8/5/04

News - HCDC Attorney says Agency will Fight County - The Sun Herald 8/3/04

News - Board of Supervisors Vote to Take Over HCDC Finances - GulfCoastNews.com  8/2/04

News - HCDC In Hot Water Again with County Supervisors Over Road - The Sun Herald   7/27/04

News - Interim HCDC Director Resigns Post As Expected - The Sun Herald 7/21/04

News - HCDC: No Record Of Keith Burton Contract; No Record Of Work By Burton - GulfCoastNews.com 7/17/04

News - Harrison County Supervisors Go on Offensive with Development Commission -GulfCoastNews.com   Related

News - Former HCDC Director Olivier Sets Economic Initiatives in Louisiana - The Advocate.com

News - HCDC Marketing Chief Resigns for New Job - The Sun Herald 7/15/04

News - Resignations Follow Olivier Appointment in Louisiana - The Sun Herald 7/15/04

News - Harrison County Supervisors Go on Offensive with Development Commission -GulfCoastNews.com   Related

News - News Coverage of Former HCDC Director Heats Up in Louisiana - GulfCoastNews.com 7/7/04

News - Tearful Olivier Says Goodbye to Supporters on the Coast - The Sun Herald 7/7/04

News - GCN Owner Issues Formal Demand for Apology from HCDC and Former Director - GCN

News - Newsman Challenges Allegations - theAdvocate.com 6/29/04  Related Story

News - Blanco Avoids Senate Review of Olivier - Advocate.com 6/25/04

News - Questions Raised Over Economic Director's Appointment in Louisiana - The Sun Herald 6/27/04

News - HCDC's Olivier Leaving Quickly - GulfCoastnews.com 6/24/04

News - Olivier's New Job Just in Time, Current Job at HCDC Was at Risk - The Sun Herald 6/24/04

News - Louisiana Governor Says Olivier's Troubles Not a Problem in Selection - Times Picayune  6/24/04

News - HCDC Director Michael Olivier to Take New Job in Louisiana - The Times Picayune 6/23/04

News - Questions Arise in HCDC Director's Contract with Harrison County- GCN 6/23/04

News - HCDC Considers Consultants to Help it Become a Public/Private Agency - The Sun Herald 6/23/04

News - Radio Station Owner Says Supreme Court Judge Had Conflict in HCDC Lawsuit Decision- The Sun Herald

News - Sun Herald Editors Challenged on HCDC Saucier Development Opinion-Sun Herald - 6/22/04

News - HCDC Director in Running for Job in Louisiana - The Sun Herald 6/17/04

News - Supreme Court Reverses Judgment in Lawsuit, Favors HCDC - The Sun Herald 6/11/04

News - HCDC Wants to Improve Public Communications - The Sun Herald 6/10/04

News - HCDC Seeks Guidance for a New Direction - GulfCoastNews.com related-Sun Herald story

News - HCDC Loses Appeal on Violating Open Records Laws - GulfCoastNews.com 4/12/04

News - Supervisors May Hold Workshop on HCDC's Problems - The Sun Herald 4/13/04

News - Collateral Damage in HCDC Investigation - Auditors Issue Demand Letters -GCN Updated 4/9/04

News - HCDC Seeks AG Opinion on Incentive Pay for Director - The Sun Herald 4/8/04

News - More Trouble for the HCDC-State Auditors Issuing Repayment Letters to Former Development Commission Directors - The Sun Herald 4/4/04

News - HCDC to Change Focus on Its Activities - The Sun Herald 3/24/04

News - HCDC Director Michael Olivier Inline for Job Interview for State Economic Job in Louisiana - The Times Picayune 3/20/04

Related - Sun Herald Editorial on HCDC - Feb. 22, 2004

Related - Review Recommends Public/Private Funding for HCDC - The Sun Herald - 2/18/04

Related - Links to the Sun Herald's The Development Game Series on Economic Development and the Harrison County Development Commisson and Commentaries by Royce Hignight 2/8/04

GCN Message Board Open Letter on HCDC - Publius  11/26/03 updated with Response 11/29/03

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News - Commissioner Resigns From Harrison County Development Commission Cites Improper Procedures and Lack of Reform - GulfCoastNews.com 10/29/03

News - Development Commission Responds to Allegations - GulfCoastNews.com 10/29/03

Related - Secret Vote by Development Commission Improper - The Sun Herald 10/31/03

Related - Another Agency Tries to Vote by Improper Secret Ballot, Caught - The Clarion Ledger 12/18/03

News - Gutierrez Says Development Commission President Owes Her Apology - GulfCoastNews.com 11/4/03

Related - WLOX Story on Development Commissioner Misses Important Facts and Misleads the
              Public - GCN - Filed   11/18/03

News - Development Commission Votes Openly - However Reverses Direction on Legal
           Representation - GCN - Filed 11/26/03

Related Development Commission At Odds with Developer - The Sun Herald 12/1/03

News - Harrison County Supervisor Connie Rockco Denied Board President Position over Her Stand Against Development Commission - The Sun Herald - Filed 1/06/04

News - Supervisor Connie Rockco Says She Will Not Be a Victim After Being Rejected for Board Presidency 1/07/04

Guest Opinion Article 1:Harrison County's Development Commission Needs Reform - By C. Paige Gutierrez, Ph.D.-HCDC Commissioner

Guest Opinion Article 2: State Law Requires Reform of Harrison County Development Commission Policies - By C. Paige Gutierrez and Richard Bennett