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GCN Archive of Stories and Opinions on the Mississippi Department of Transportation

MDOT: A History of Deception - Royce Hignight - A GCN Special Report...A comprehensive examination of MDOT's actions spanning nearly a decade regarding road and connector bridge work that has been delayed. This report was written by retired FBI special agent Royce Hignight of Biloxi who has been active in road and bridge issues on the Coast.


Going Nowhere: Biloxi's New Bridge, MDOT's Continuing Effort to Mislead Everyone - GCN

MDOT's Butch Brown: A Record of Arrogance - Royce Hignight - Guest Analysis and Opinion
MDOT's New Hwy 605 Built with Casino Road Money, Doesn't Help Casino Traffic - GCN
Slow Going: MDOT Road Repairs to Take Time - GCN Special Report
MDOT Exposed - GCN Editorial Satire
MDOT- Who Will Change It? - GCN Guest Editorial - Royce Hignight
MDOT has No Credibility Over When Coast Bridges Will be Ready - GCN Editorial  Updated
MDOT Must be Reformed and Reorganized - GCN Editorial 1/22/06 Updated
MDOT'S Canal Road Connector: "Not Our Road" - GCN Special Report
$1 Billion For Katrina-Related Road and Bridge Repairs: Is MDOT Up to the Task? - GCN
Is MDOT Shortchanging the Coast On the New Biloxi Bridge - A GCN Special Report
Decision on Biloxi Bridge Has Far-Reaching Impact, H-Route North/South Connector Dead - GCN Special Report   Updated 2/21/06
Rebuilding Coast Bridges Hits More Delays - GCN
Coast Guard Decision on MDOT's Biloxi Bridge Made Without Opposition Documents - GCN
Coast Guard Says Biloxi-Ocean Springs Bridge Can be Built Without a Draw Bridge - GCN
MDOT's Proposed Biloxi and Bay St. Louis Bridges Violate Federal Maritime Laws - GCN
MDOT Darkness: Major Coast Roadways Still Dark Four Months After Katrina - GCN
MDOT to Delay Bids on Replacing Biloxi-Ocean Springs and Bay St. Louis Bridges - GCN Updated
MDOT's Credibility: On the Line Again - Part 2 - GCN
MDOT Commissioner Cannot Say When New Bridges Will be Built - GCN
Popps Ferry Bridge to Reopen by the End of the Month, Hwy 90 Reopen Dec. 17th - GCN
Gulfport's Reopening of Hwy 90 Without Safety Features in Place at Odds with Biloxi's Plan - GCN
MDOT Commissioner Says He Doesn't Have the Money to Rebuild Coast Bridges - GCN
Highway 90 in Biloxi Should Open to the Public in Mid December - GCN
Popps Ferry Bridge Repair Ahead of Schedule - GCN - 11/4/05

Guest Opinion -The MDOT SHUFFLE - Is the Highway Dept. Misleading the Coast on New Roads - by Royce Hignight   Updated

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