USDA to Measure Bee Losses


From:  News Release   3/12/18   GCN

Jackson, MS – In April 2018, U.S. Department of Agriculture National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) will reach out to Bee and Honey producers across the United States to collect information for its Quarterly Colony Loss survey. The April Colony Loss questionnaires will query Delta Region operations with five or more colonies. This survey measures colony losses to determine the stability of the regional bee population and helps monitor health of those hives.

"While Colony Collapse Disorder is a continuing threat, this survey will also identify the hives lost during the winter months," said Esmerelda Dickson, State Statistician, Mississippi Field Office. "The majority of Mississippi cash crops depend on bee pollination during the growing season so it is important to start out the season with an understanding of our pollination needs."

In Mississippi, National Association State Directors of Agriculture (NASDA) enumerators will survey approximately 50 Beekeepers for NASS. By participating, these beekeepers ensure NASS provides timely, accurate and objective data which all sectors of U.S. Bee and Honey industry can depend on to help make sound business decisions. Accurate information helps reduce uncertainty and provides more reliable facts on bee colony health.


Information provided by respondents for all NASS surveys is confidential by law. NASS safeguards privacy of all responses and publishes only aggregate data, ensuring no individual operation or producer can be identified.


NASS will publish survey results in its Honey Bee Colonies report on August 1, 2018.This and all NASS reports are available online at . For more information, please call NASS Delta Regional Office at (800) 327-2970