Letter to the Editor:

From:  Email to GCN   11/8/19

Mayor Andrew "FoFo" Gilich spoke about the city's efforts to see a new Popp's Ferry bridge during his Breakfast with the Mayor presentation this week, and, like clockwork, hours later phones began ringing in the city's Engineering Department, a clearinghouse for all public and private construction undertakings in the city.


"People who live on Popp's Ferry Road, especially those north of the bridge, are understandably concerned about the impact the new bridge and wider approaches will have on their homes and property," said City Engineer Christy LeBatard. "We certainly appreciate their concern, and they let us know every time this issue comes up. But the truth is, there's not much more we can say at this point, other than the city wants to build a new bridge and here are the general plans."

Did you know the bridge and Popp's Ferry Road from Riverview to US 90 is being planned as a "LIMITED ACCESS ROAD"?
Will your property values and neighborhood be adversely affected???
Bridge "Yes" - Limited access NO!

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