Tire Review: Cooper Discoverer STT Pro M/T

By Bruce W. Smith - Special to GCN  7/22/16

Replacing pickup tires is a normal cost of doing business for those who work in the home building construction business, as well as outdoorsmen who put a lot of miles on their rigs or spend a lot of time driving gravel roads and towing trailers.

If the tires on your work truck, SUV or Jeep are getting to the point where the tread is starting to thin down and you need a set of good performing high-traction replacements, take a close look at the new Cooper Discoverer STT Pro mud tires.

The STT Pro is Cooper’s newest version of their traction tires and its design and construction is tailored for pickup and SUV owners who want a quiet ride without sacrificing traction on mud, gravel, dirt or other situations where all-terrain or street tires don’t provide enough grip.

I have spent several months driving STT Pros on both Jeeps and full-size pickups. Without question, they are the quietest mud tire I’ve driven to date. These tires have a alternating two, three center tread pattern that is designed to reduce the coast-down noise and “lug drone” common to high-traction mud tires.

That lug pattern also attributes to the tire’s strong pavement traction characteristics:
These Coopers grip like street tires on pavement with a ride quality very similar to all-terrains. They also perform remarkably well on wet pavement thanks to a special silica tread compound that helps the tread blocks retain their grip in such situations.

Driving on gravel roads and on both dirt and mud, the STT’s open lug pattern has no problem providing excellent traction; the outer lugs clean really well and the added side-biting edges on the tire’s shoulders help grip when facing rocks and ruts.

When it comes to trailer towing, the Discoverer STT Pros handle such loads just fine. They are a 3-ply LT (light truck) tire, so the load ratings are designed for ranchers who use their trucks to haul heavy loads and tow livestock, hay and equipment trailers.

So if that truck you are driving is in need of new treads, and mud tires are on the radar, I’d put the Cooper Discoverer STT Pros at the top of the look-see list. – Bruce W. Smith

Open outer lugs provide excellent traction in softer conditions while the side lugs on the STT Pro’s shoulders aid getting out of ruts. Three-ply construction and Armor-Tec technology give the tires excellent puncture protection like when driven in heavy gravel or across fields.
[Cooper STT Pro action]
Cooper Tires Discoverer STT Pro mud tires are idea for pickups that see a variety of year around driving conditions on a working ranch – be it pavement or off-pavement.