Firing the Arrow

By:  Keith Burton - Founder and Editor of   8/18/17  GCN

For more than a decade, GCN has been online.  1998 was our starting year and you might remember that the Internet was online in its infancy.  Home computers were only just being made affordable for average people and news was in the daily paper, on tv or the radio.  Much has changed since then, hasn't it?

From time to time, I get an inquiry as to my background in news and on the Gulf Coast in general.  As editor and news writer, I have a lot of responsibility in what happens on GCN, from the news we carry and even the photography.  Over the years, GCN has built a wide range of readers, from regular folks to officials in high government offices. 

Many send us stories and articles, which we reproduce in their entirety without changes or editorialzing.

But, from time to time, I get a request to demonstrate my "Coastness" and it is clear that growing up and living here is not enough.  After all, Biloxi is a city rich in heritage and immigrants. So, to my longtime readers who have followed GCN, I now add an old photo that was shot of me in 1972 when I was in high school in Biloxi.

This photo appears in the 1972 Edition of the Biloxi High Annual, which is the year I graduated.  Even after all of these years, that experience shaped much of what I have done as a person and a writer.  I thank all of my classmates and band members who allowed me to fire the arrow.