Gulf Coast to Host the 2017 Mississippi State Gymnastics Meet

From:  News Release   3/15/17   GCN

Biloxi–The Mississippi USA Gymnastics Association is pleased to announce the 2017 Mississippi state gymnastics meet will be held at the Mississippi Gulf Coast Convention Center on March 17-19. This is the first time the Gulf Coast has ever hosted this prestigious event. “We are honored to bring this event to the Gulf Coast and provide families from other parts of the state the chance to see all that the Coast has to offer in amenities, entertainment and great food,” said Cynthia Dedeaux, new MSUSAG Director and Coach at Brook-lin Center Pass Christian.

The weekend of March 17, over 680 gymnasts representing over 20 clubs from throughout the state of Mississippi will be on the Coast, along with their families and over 80 coaches. Some gymnasts will be competing to earn a spot on the team representing the Mississippi at the USAG Region 8 meet in Mobile, Alabama, April 20-23.  (File :Photo - Right)

At the same time, the highest level gymnasts, Level 9 and 10, will be competing to earn the opportunity to compete individually in Greensboro, North Carolina April 6-9, with a chance to move onto the national meet.

“As the parent of a gymnast who has been doing this sport since the age of 3, I am excited this event is being held on the Coast this year. Since most of our meets are held out of town, this provides a rare opportunity for family, friends and classmates to see their friends compete. The gymnastics season is very short, normally late fall to early spring; however, the training is 6-7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. These girls miss many events for this sport, including homecoming dances, proms, school events and holidays. Even though most people only associate gymnastics with the Olympics, I hope people will come out and see the dedication of these amazing athletes” said Kimberly LaRosa, parent of Abby LaRosa, a level 9 gymnast.
About Mississippi USAG (MSUSAG):

MSUSAG is a nonprofit focused on the competitive USAG sanctioned gymnastics in the state of Mississippi. MSUSAG is a member of the USAG Region 8, along with organizations in Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee.