MGM Stadium to Beau Rivage Crosswalk in the Works

By:  Keith Burton    GCN   5/21/17

Ever since architectural  drawings of the MGM Stadium were revealed several years ago the stadium was shown with a pedestrian crosswalk across busy U.S. 90 to the Beau Rivage.  But, obviously, that crosswalk was not built prior to the stadium's opening.

There is some good news about that almost forgotten crosswalk.  At this week's City Council meeting, council members will vote on a funding measure for a portion of the City's share of the crosswalk.  That money will be combined to a state-funded grant to build the elevated walkway.   There still is no word on when the walkway will be constructed, but this is clearly good news.

The MGM Stadium crosswalk is shown outlined in red.  The following is a link to the City Council item: