Mueller's Minefield
Charging the President with Obstruction Could Blow the Deep State Conspiracy Wide Open
By: Perry Hicks, Private Investigator (Retired)
Senior Writer GCN

“I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy’s office - that there’s no way he gets elected - but I’m afraid we can’t take that risk. It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you’re 40.”-- Peter Strzok, then FBI Chief of Counter Espionage 


The level of continuous attacks against a sitting president are both unprecedented and appalling. Yet, Donald J. Trump has weathered all of them, prevailing thus far in everything but Mueller's Russian Collusion Probe- which after over two years has yet to come to completion.


Many observers, including myself, believed past history would predict a report from the  special counsel would be released back in July. This made sense as DOJ guidelines seek to avoid interference in November elections. However, Mueller has been able to continue on by indicting Russians who will never be extradited to the US, and prosecuting Trump associates who have no means to defend themselves against the overwhelming might of the Federal State.


Mueller's team does this in the hope of coercing something- anything inculpatory about  the president from these defendants. It is a time tested investigative technique long used against organized crime.


Failing (as of yet) to find “collusion,” much less having a Federal statute prohibiting it, Mueller's probe appears to have shifted its focus to two other categories: financial crimes, such as money laundering and tax evasion; and obstruction of justice (in firing former FBI Director James Comey.)


The latter obstruction theory centers around a novel notion that a president can in fact commit a crime simply by executing their lawful constitutional prerogative. The theory is based on “intent.”


If such a notion were to prevail, the presidency would forever more be hobbled by criminal charges for simply performing their constitutional powers- or not- at the whim of any prosecutor in the country.


It is not likely the Supreme Court of the United States would currently approve of such a destructive theory, hence the near psychotic Democratic interest in Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavenaugh.


Mueller has painted himself back into the corner of a veritable minefield. If he steps out to indict the president on obstruction, the ensuing trial would bring into court evidence of a massive domestic criminal conspiracy to interfere with the 2016 national election. A conspiracy by government officials sworn to uphold the law and defend the Constitution.


If Mueller has been deluded about the prospects for his success in bringing down the president, he has surely been brought back to reality by the president's most vocal attorney, Rudy Giuliani.


Giuliani opined August 8, 2018 on FOX News Channel's Sean Hannity Show that the Mueller probe would “blow up on the Democrats” and that Mueller “would have a lot to answer for.” He then added, “there’s a lot more to what they did that nobody knows about yet; a lot more to the obstruction of justice, to the collusion, to the fake dossier.”


Giuliani was not exhibiting false bravado; there is a lot more and it could be enough to both impact voter opinion, turnout, and even put some individuals on trial. We know some of what Giuliani speaks.


Machinations Behind Clinton's 2016 Presidential Campaign


As the Donald J. Trump juggernaut rolled through 2016- perhaps even before that sometime in 2015- the Clintons, the DNC being firmly in the palm of their hand, were reverting to the same tactics that had seen them through so many crisis before: White Water; numerous “bimbo eruptions” resulting from Bill Clinton's alleged affairs and even sexual   assaults; the “suicide” of Deputy White House Counsel Vince Foster, one of numerous suspicious deaths surrounding the Clintons; Bill's sexual affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky; Trooper-gate; et al- Hillary assembled her own team, a goon squad if you will, to intimidate, discredit his victims, and fabricate cover stories to ensure his political future.


It should be noted that the lengthy list of deaths surrounding the Clintons was enough to terrify Monica Lewinsky confidant Linda Tripp. In a deposition under oath, Tripp expressed her fears not only about the deaths of Vince Foster but also Jerry Parks, one time head of Bill Clinton's Arkansas campaign private security detail.


Through another strange twist, Park's widow's second husband, Dr. David Millstein,was also murdered, stabbed to death in his own home. Millstein's stepson was charged with his murder.


It should also be noted that a reported associate of Julian Assange, Arjen Kamphuis, has recently been reported missing in northern Norway. At the time of his disappearance Kamphuis was believed to be in transit to  Trondheim.


To stop Trump and protect Hillary, a criminal conspiracy was formed at the highest levels of the FBI/DOJ. Said conspiracy seamlessly interfaced with the Clinton campaign. Enough details of this conspiracy have emerged that a frightening picture can be drawn up about how close the United States came to the edge of a Constitutional precipice. Fortunately, the Clinton/DNC effort failed to take into account individual rogue efforts like WikiLeaks, Julian Assange's global network dedicated to public disclosure, and possibly a disgruntled operative(s) within the DNC itself.


WikiLeaks had acquired through a still unclear source(s) DNC emails revealing how the Democratic Party had rigged its primary to favor Hillary Clinton. Supporters of socialist candidate Bernie Sanders were angered. Hillary's campaign rallies subsequently failed to exhibit enthusiasm and attendance for the presumed future president.


President Trump later publicly criticized the FBI for allowing the DNC to deny access to its server. A forensic inspection would have revealed the details of the alleged hack. TheFBI's failure allowed allegations to spring up that the emails were downloaded onto a thumb drive as opposed to an external hack.


Accordingly, the tragic death of DNC staffer, Seth Rich, raised further suspicions. Sean Hannity posited a link between Seth's death and the DNC leak. Rich's grieving parents  subsequently filed a law suit against Hannity.



Enter Operation “Crossfire Hurricane,” the Conspiracy to Interfere With A National Election


Former FBI Chief of Counter Espionage Peter Strzok has been credited with the at least naming the FBI/DOJ operation to directly interfere with the presidential election.  It is currently unknown who actually hatched the plan or even approved it. However, there is a high probability that the operation grew out of the Obama Administration's effort to protect Hillary from political consequences of her having maintained her wholly unprotected private email server- a server that not only held, but distributed, classified information.


However, given Obama's policy of “reward your friends and punish your enemies,” and him having post presidency ensconced himself in a multimillion dollar residence in the exclusive Kalorama neighborhood of Washington DC. There, he has assembled a staff of 20 along with his long time confidant, Valarie Jarrett, as a nerve center for an organized resistance to Trump.


If the Trump Resistance has made Washington Crazy Town, then the Obama residence is its city hall.  


More ominously are questions about whether or not Clinton's private email server employed an internet based printer. It has been reported that she did not use computers but relied on a single handheld device (as opposed to carrying two devices; one for personal communications and one for official, as carrying multiple devices was too cumbersome) or directly read from printed text.


As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton accessed her private email server in 2012 when she  visited St. Petersburg, Russia. Said access would have been over Russian infrastructure exposing her server with all of its contents, the printer, and all devices which accessed it to Russian intelligence. The domain was clintonemail.com for pity sakes!


Thus, it was both logical and appropriate for Trump to mockingly joke during the campaign that perhaps the Russians could find her 33,000 “missing” emails.


Yet, Democrats seized on the mockery and twisted it into a “call” for Russia to “interfere” in a US election.


This poses a question: If Putin had such blackmailable intel on Hillary, why would he want to interfere with her coronation as president of the United States?


The supposed motive was that Putin was furious at how Clinton had proclaimed Putin's 2011 relection as illegitimate “triggering” (Russian) public protests. Her proclamation is exactly what she and the Democrats have said about Trump's election- he also is an illegitimate president.


As public awareness increased regarding Hillary's email server and her 33,000 missing emails, Bill Clinton thought he was discreetly meeting on an LA tarmac with Barack Obama's Attorney General, Loretta Lynch. However, the media was informed of it igniting a firestorm and the FBI reportedly “scrambled”to identify and punish the leaker.


Here is the irony: Former FBI Director James Comey based his decision to not prosecute Hillary based on her lack of “intent ” to commit a crime. Comey came to this conclusion before he had even interviewed her, raising accusations of the email investigation itself being rigged. In his book, “ Higher Loyalty,”Comey,” further admitted to have leaked Grand Jury information with his own intent to trigger the appointment of a special counsel.


Furthermore, Rod Rosenstein, Jeff Sessions' deputy AG, recommended Comey be fired based on “insubordination” in his usurping AG Lynch's prerogative by publicly proclaiming “no credible prosecutor” would have pursued Clinton. His motive he said was to take heat off of Lynch.


It should be noted that the FBI does not decide who is or is not prosecuted. It is the US Attorneys distributed about the country and under the direction of the Attorney General that makes these decisions. AG Lynch was under no obligation to obey Comey.


The irony here is that Rod Rosenstein, overseeing the Russian Collusion probe, was actually a part of the conspiracy by virtue he had signed off on fraudulent FBI's FISA  warrant applications. The fox is literally guarding the hen house.


The next investigative question is: For what?


Deeper, More Sinister Purpose for Hillary's Server


Circulating below the swamp water's surface is an allegation that Hillary maintained her own private email server for a far more ominous purpose: Private gain.


The allegation being whispered is that Hillary's ignoring the “C” (classified) labeling of documents (and paragraphs within them) is of lesser import than the true purpose of her private email server.


Hillary had to run her server wide open for a critical reason: The State Department couldn't make their system seamlessly interface with Hillary's server. Specifically- and this is a GCN exclusive- allegedly Hillary's system couldn't access the treasure trove of classified intel available to her as Secretary of State; intel that was so actionable, and therefore so valuable, it could be sold through the Clinton Global Initiative, a division of the Clinton Foundation, for tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars.


Clinton Foundation Collects Tens of Millions From Foreign Donors


The Clinton Foundation reportedly received tens of millions of dollars from foreign governments while Clinton was Secretary of State. It has otherwise collected billions of dollars from other donors. This does not include speaking fees (as of 2015) that husband Bill has received since 2001. A Russian entity alone reportedly paid Bill $500,000 for a single hour of speaking and he later received another $750,000 for speaking to a telecom conference in China. Sum total of Bill Clinton”s speaking fees  paid: $109 million.


Frankly, is Bill really that compelling a speaker to command that kind of money? Is it really that difficult for Jeff Session's DOJ to find probable cause to launch an investigation into the Clinton Foundation for charity fraud?  President Obama infamously weaponized the IRS against conservative non-profits. Where is the IRS now on auditing the Clinton Foundation?


Hillary approved the transfer of 20% of America's known uranium reserves to the Russians. “Coincidently,” Russians also “donated” millions to the Clinton Foundation.


Yet, Democrats strive to connect Donald Trump to an elusive “Russian Collusion.”


Supposedly the DOJ has been conducting just such an investigation since January 2018 even though the public has largely heard nothing about it. Yet, Mueller is expending millions of dollars each month investigating Trump and associates without the constitutionally required probable cause.


Conspirators Control Investigation of Which Should Be Of Themselves


Rudy Giuliani is probably correct. We don't know half of what the conspirators have done. However, what we do know is both frightening and damning. Peter Strzok's texts between him and his adulterous paramour, Lisa Page, exposed the ongoing conspiracy. His reply to  her frenzied text asking if Trump would win was, “No. No he won’t. We’ll stop it.”


The operative word here is “we.”


There was also another reference to the first meeting of a “secret society” and  an “insurance policy, ie using the fabricated narrative of Russian collusion to stop, and now failing that, to remove the president.


50,000 text messages were exchanged between Page and Strzok over an estimated 18 month period begs the question, when did they find the time to do any work?


The exchanges also reference fired former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, fired FBI Director James Comey, and others.


There have also been outside parallel efforts, such as paying women to claim sexual encounters with Trump. A porn star even jumped into the act.


A DNC/Clinton Campaign to interfere with a US national election through a fictious Trump “Russian Collusion” became the basis for a fraudulent FISA warrant application to surveil the Trump campaign the  signed off on by Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein. The secret society operation named “Crossfire Hurricane” was launched by James Comey's leak to invoke a special counsel. Rod Rosenstein then appointed Bob Mueller, the fired Comey's close friend, to bring to fruition charges so persuasive, if not criminal, the president would be impeached following a hoped for “blue wave” in November.


And yet, after all of this has come to light, Jeff Sessions maintains his recusal.