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Islamic Refugees = Invasion?

By:  Keith Burton - GCN     9/6/15

As this is being written, tens of thousands of Islamic refugees are pouring into Europe from the Middle East and North Africa.  These refugees are from Syria, Iraq, Libya and are fleeing violence and poverty and seeking refuge from the confusion in their countries, which is their own making.

The images on television of the refugees are often heart-tugging because these people are truly oppressed and have found themselves with no other apparent choice but to flee the violence within their own countries stemming from Islamic fundalmentalism.

Efforts by a few Eastern European countries to limit the number of Islamic immigrants has revealed a legitimate  concern.  That is, what's the difference between fleeing refugees of Islamic faith and invasion of Islam into cultures that are not Islamic?

What we are seeing is the invasion of Islamic refugees that is driven by their own leaders.  It is a subtle way of putting people that are Islamic into non-Islamic nations without a battle or apparent war.  There are no indications that these "refugees" are going to adopt any  European nation's language or culture.  Instead, the shear numbers indicate they will carry their violent culture into Europe or anywhere else they are allowed to "immigrate" and maintain the "own" ethnic identity.

This realization should raise alarms in the United States.  Under no circumstances should the United States allow these "refugees" into the country.  Allowing large numbers of Islamic "refugees" into America would involve a huge expenditure of Federal tax dollars for years to come, sapping resources needed for citizens.  As these "refugees" would likely become irritated over how they are "treated" in the U.S., they would become violent, as indicated by behavior within their own countries.

The huge number of  Islamic refugees directly threatens the Christian foundation which forms the cultures of Europe and the U.S.

The truth of this Islamic "invasion" is,  why are they not seeking refuge in other Islamic nations in the Middle East and North Africa?  The whole process of what is actually going on is an intentional movement of a large number of Islamic people into unsuspecting nations who are literally being "forced" to accept them by  their large numbers. 

This is an Invasion.

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