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Gulfport Mayor Brent Warr and Wife Indicted by Federal Authorities for Katrina Fraud, Plead Not Guilty - GCN 1/28/09

Former Gulfport Mayor Brent Warr Pleads Guilty in Federal Court, To Face Probation - GCN  9/25/09

Federal Inspector General Issues Report on AFRH Property Sold to Former Gpt. Mayor Warr - GCN 3/1/10

Judge Rules Government Prosecutors Can Use Warr Financial Information at Upcoming Trial - GCN 9/22/09

Warr Trial Update: Plea Change Deadline Passes, Judge Denies Defense More Govt. Records - GCN 9/19/09

Trial of Former Gulfport Mayor Brent Warr and Wife Delayed Until October - GCN  8/12/09

Gulfport Mayor Brent Warr and Wife Laura Face Additional Indictments - GCN  8/5/09

Government Moves to Acquire Forfeiture of Warr Assets - GCN 8/5/09

Judge Rules Against Attorneys for Gulfport Mayor Brent Warr on Juror Questionnaires - GCN  7/2/09

Government Releases Bill of Particulars on One Count of Warr Homeowner Fraud Case - GCN  4/29/09

Prosecutors Issue Intent of Some Government Witnesses in Warr Homeowner Grant Case - GCN 4/17/09

Warr Trial Delayed Until Sept. 8 - GCN Record

Gulfport Mayor Makes Major News in State-of-the-City Speech - GCN 3/5/09

Indicted Gulfport Mayor Brent Warr Will Not Seek Re-Election...More - GCN 3/3/09

Warr Indictment: Government Reveals Some of its Evidence - WLOX 2/27/09

Warr Attorneys Expected to Ask for a Delay in Trial Date - GCN  2/20/09

Pretrial Hearing in Warr Case to be Held Thursday - GCN 2/18/09 Motion hearing delayed to 2/20/09

Congressman Gene Taylor Seeks Information on Warr Purchase of Home - GCN Special Report 2/5/09

The Warr Home - GCN 1/31/09

Warr to Continue Work as Mayor - GCN 1/28/09


Warr's Statement on Indictment - GCN 1/28/09

Warr Homeowner Grant Investigation Still Underway - GCN 1/27/09

Gulfport Mayor Brent Warr has a Homeowner Grant - GCN  1/04/08   (The story that started it all)

Building Permit Fees of Mayor Brent Warr - GCN  1/26/08

Homeowner Grant Obtained by Gulfport Mayor Brent Warr Scrutinized - GCN 2/15/08

Revealing the Invisible Government: Armed Forces Retirement Home - GCN  12/1/06

Still No Word on Status of Warr Investigation - GCN 4/22/08

Gulfport Government in Chaos - GCN 4/26/08

Warr's "Vision" May Need Glasses - GCN 8/14/09

Gulfport Mayor Brent Warr on Republican Short List of Possible Trent Lott Replacements - GCN 12/14/08

City Councilwomen Challenge Warr Administration Over Development - GCN 8/6/08

Federal Investigation Into Brent Warr Homeowner Grant Nears Maturity - GCN 8/2/08

Warr Bends Rules Again Gravel for Driveway Prohibited by City - GCN 7/25/08

Gulfport's New Development Commission Opens a Can of Worms - GCN 7/7/08

Only Slight Chance that Gulfport VA to be Turned Over to Gulfport - GCN 2/26/07

Transfer of Title to Gulfport VA Property Still Months Away - GCN 7/11/07

Gulfport Mayor Warr's State of the City Speech 2007 - GCN 2/8/07

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