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GulfCoastNews.com is the 2006 winner of the Online News Association Award for Service Journalism and is read by tens of thousands of visitors from around the nation.  Our Web site is designed to appeal not only to the residents and businesses on the Mississippi Gulf Coast but to provide high Internet visibility for advertising customers. 

GulfCoastNews.com is the premier site for reaching Mississippi Coast customers, averaging more than 20,000 visitors per month and more than 79,000 page impressions. Banner and display advertising give you the opportunity to capitalize on that traffic and increase the frequency of messaging. By integrating Web advertising into your marketing or lead-generation campaign, you extend your brand exposure to a highly targeted audience on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

  • GulfCoastNews is highly listed on most major search engines. On Google and Yahoo, GulfCoastNews.com  within the first 10 positions on the first page for many search terms.
  • Our site statistics and traffic indicate that GulfCoastNews is read heavily both at the local and national level, and mostly by people in decision-making positions who seek the most accurate information about the Mississippi Coast.
  • More than 2 million people read stories on GCN a year, figures that are continually growing.
  • Our average Time of Visit by our readers exceeds 16 minutes, nearly unheard of on the Internet.
  • Stories by GulfCoastNews.com are also listed high on search engines, making the content of GulfCoastNews.com among the easiest to find on the world wide web regarding the Mississippi Coast.
  • Combined with GulfCoastNews.com is an affiliated website, www.MississippiCasinos.com, which is dedicated to promoting casinos throughout Mississippi. The two websites combined provide the highest visibility possible for increasing advertising visibility with nearly a half a million visitors a month.
  • Our AutoMedia section, which carries reviews of automobiles and trucks, is also very popular. Most of GCN's content, besides the main index page, are often accessed directly as a result of searches by individuals.

Ad Types:

GulfCoastNews.com accepts advertising banners on its main index page, auto review pages and original GCN stories.. We will also accepts non-rotating display ads, and custom-sized ads for placement in other positions on the site. GCN does not accept pop-up or pop-under ads.

  • Banner ads must be the standard size of 468-60 pixels. We can design them for you, or you can provide them to us if you have a designer. Cost - Only $200 a month.
  • Banner ads require a 1-month minimum order paid prior to the ad being posted. Banner ads run with others and can link directly to your website. Please contact us for rates:
  • Display ads on the right side of the GCN main page are sized at 202x135 pixels and do not rotate,
    Cost - Only $300 a month

If you are interested in advertising services on GulfCoastNews.com, feel free to call 228-374-7535 or Email our Sales Division at sales@gulfcoastnews.com to discuss the numerous advertising possibilities.


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