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GulfCoastNews.com was established in 1998 to provide the most comprehensive information available online regarding the Mississippi Gulf Coast.


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GulfCoastNews.com is easy to navigate. From the main page, you can access all of the information and features on the site. Just by clicking on the underlined hyperlink text or on images, you can go the information you want, whether it is news, renewing your drivers license, or getting information from local government agencies. You can always return to the main page by clicking on the "GulfCoastnews.com" logo at the top of every page.


GulfCoastNews.com is interested in what you see going on along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. If you attend an event and want to tell us what really happened through your own eyes, or wish to contribute a new item, just email it to us with your telephone number and we will post it to the site. If you have an opinion or news item about something important to you, our news and opinion email address is news@gulfcoastnews.com. Gulf Coast News believes it is the people of the Gulf Coast that make the news. Let Gulf Coast News know what you would like to see on the site, and contribute yourself.

GulfCoastNews.com wants to be your primary information source on the Gulf Coast. While we know your life is busy and you may not have the time to write a full story, you may have time to send us an email and we will follow up.

GulfCoastNews.com also accepts government news releases related to our area. If your agency would like to be included, email us at news@gulfcoastnews.com, or call at 228-374-7535. GCN prefers either .doc or .pdf files.

GulfCoastNews.com can also be a way for you to make a difference on the Gulf Coast. If you have a complaint about what is happening in government, or on your street, send us a message. You can also make a comment on our GCN Message Board. From the GCN Message Board you can let others know how you think on most any subject.

We are also looking for photographs for GulfCoastNews.com. If you have a digital camera and can create a .jpg image, send the photo to use with a note releasing use of the photo to GulfCoastNews.com. Just attach the digital photo in an email and provide us a phone number to confirm. We will modify the image to work with the web.


GulfCoastNews.com/Radio is a separate feature on GCN. It is designed as an online radio station where you can hear programs of interest to our readers. If your government agency would like to add to our growing list of programs, contact us to arrange details and program data requirements.

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